GTA:Dead Rising

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Welcome !

 About the mod

Hello and welcome to GTA:Dead Rising!
GTA:Dead Rising is total convertion mod for GTA:San Andreas.This mod
will set you in two mixed worlds from two of the most popular games,
GTA:San Andras and Dead rising! In this mod you will be able to do missions
or just go around and slaughter zombies and try to survive in the post-apocalyptic world.

The mod will include a lot of new missions,some exclusive bosses and the familiar ones,zombies, and some new 
stuff. Other things include weapons,a new menu,and maybe even co-op!So you and your friends may be able to fight the undead hordes together.

Right now you already have a demo (alpha) so you can see how the mod feels and plays so far. (This may change a little further in development.)
Right now there is no estimated relase date for the mod, but we will show updates when new stuff is added in.

Mod is created by:

GTAMyth2311 (leader,designer,model designer,map importer,coder,map maker,menu maker,item and weapons model
imprter,web designer)

Solidcal/Bttfvf (Co-leader,model designer,map importer,character,item and weapons model

TNW1995 (artist,In game picture maker)

Graneroscity (coder,designer)

Wernerase (Animator)

SilentHill79 (Loading screen designer) 

Thank you, search us on youtube !!

GTA:Dead Rising


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